About Bubble & Wax

Hi all thank you for visiting us here at Bubble & Wax.

We are a small family business with a love of fragrance. Our Products are made with quality Soy Wax and High Grade sent to give it the wonderful aroma and the drifting scent throw that we are known for. You certainly will love our wax products.

We are Vegan friendly and no product it tested on animals just willing friends and family and they are very VERY!!! willing and overjoyed when we need their help. haha!!

The Glitz and the glamour in our products are wherever possible biodegradable and the packaging recycled, its always good to keep our planet looking great and we'll help it smell beautiful.

Our customers are more than just an order we really do appreciate every single one of you and want to say thank you!!

Thanks again for visiting us and if you need any help or advice just ask xx